Posted on: 26 November 2014

Four Quotes #5

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I adore scrolling through Pinterest and admiring the tons of quotes available, it's so hard narrowing them down to four each month!

. Have a positive image on life and positive events will follow.

Where do you find your best quotes?


Posted on: 16 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Home Wishlist

I recently posted an Autumn.Winter Fashion wishlist, showing you the fashion pieces I'm loving for the colder seasons. In this post I shall be showing you a mixture of home finds, mostly Christmas related with a few all year round pieces thrown in.

Whatever You Are, Be A Good One Book - Find it here on Urban Outfitters

Kissing Eskimos Snow Globe - Find it here on Urban Outfitters

Trinket Tray - Find it here on Urban Outfitters

Bear Hottie - Find it here on Topshop

Vintage Map Cushion - Find it here on Urban Outfitters

Mini Snow Globes Set - Find them here on Paperchase

White Star Candles - Find them here on Ikea

Linen Cushion Cover - Find it here on H&M Home

Moose Tealight - Find it here on Zara Home

Christmas Sack - Find it here on H&M Home

Lit Champagne Berry Heart - Find it here on Next

Set of Two Heart And Star Tumblers - Find them here on Next

Pre-Lit Wooden House - Find it here on Zara Home

Cookie Cutter String Lights - Find them here on Urban Outfitters

Bedspread/Blanket - Find it here on Ikea


Posted on: 10 November 2014

Lush Haul (Video)

So this post is something different.. I've uploaded a brand new YouTube video. This is my second video so far but as the first was pretty horrific, it's easy to say this one is a lot better! It's just a small Lush haul from when I purchased lots of lovely Christmas bath bombs and bubble bars with the twist that it's entirely stop motion, there's no filming involved which also means my face is not involved either yay!

I would adore you if you went and had a watch, you could even give it a cheeky thumbs up too! Let me know what your thoughts are!


Posted on: 08 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Fashion Wishlist

Autumn is the season that introduces us to the colder weather and darker nights before Winter comes along and turns us into ice when summer seems to of been and gone. In relation to Autumnbeing in full flow and Winter quickly approaching, I've decided I shall be posting three separate fashion, beauty and haul Autumn/Winter wishlists, as you've guessed I've started with fashion! I don't love Autumn or Winter for the weather, but I do love it for the fashion, especially as it means I have excuses to wear baggy jumpers, beanies and boots.

Bambi Backpack - Find it here on Urban Outfitters

Long Sleeve T-Shirt -  Find it here on Zara

Dark Red Velvet Swing Dress - Find it here on River Island

Stone Multi Ring Pack - Find them here on ASOS

Polar Bear Sleep Tee - Find it here on Topshop

Black Buttoned Cape - Find it here on Zara

Long Sleeve Striped T-Shirt - Find it here on H&M

Hooded Cardigan - Find it here on H&M

Burgandy Cable Pom Beanie - Find it here on ASOS

Christmas Rhinestone Earring Card - Find them here on Topshop

Sweatshirt Dress - Find it here on H&M

Tan Ribbed Quilted Backpack - Find it here on ASOS

Short Sleeved Jersey Dress - Find it here on H&M

Stripe Gloves Grey Gloves - Find them here on Urban Outfitters


Posted on: 04 November 2014

Autumn Walks

I recently found out there's long walks and commons near my house, so I decided to take myself and my camera for a quiet adventure in the Autumn sunshine.

Posted on: 02 November 2014

Review: REN Jewellery

REN Jewellery is a new company based in the UK. Every product is handmade and completely unique. I was lucky enough to be contacted by REN after finding the small business on Instagram and falling in love with some of their pieces, including the bracelet above. 

This bracelet is a white rope, with gold plated clasps and a turquoise gemstone and costs just £10.00,  You can find this specific bracelet here although it is currently out of stock. I fell in love with this item as it is simple, with the gemstone bringing a block of colour making it wearable with any outfit.  
The bracelets are all a 'regular' fit, which did make me worry that it would be too large for my tiny wrists, yet surprisingly it's a good fit. The fact it's a little big for me does make it easier to put on and off as I like many people, I have trouble with clasps!

My favourite part about this bracelet would be receiving it, first class delivery, carefully packaged in bubble wrap and placed in a material gold bag, it was very classy.  

Overall I'm very happy with this piece and I'm sure I'll be purchasing other items from the range!

Find REN Jewellery on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Posted on: 31 October 2014

October Snaps

October is the month whether the weather gets colder and the darkness of night arrives sooner, it's definitely not my favourite time of the year, though I enjoy Halloween and the countdown to Christmas! I've spent most of October working silly hours for extra pennies and doing small shops for those "needed" beauty bits and autumn clothes.

In regards to Instagram I've been going a little bit crazy with picture posting, especially since downloading the VSCO Cam application, I wish I got it sooner!

I hope October has been a great month for you all.
Have a Happy Halloween!

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