20 April 2015

Brighton Video

As you are likely to know, I went to Brighton last month. I've posted an outfit post and a photo post and now I've uploaded a YouTube video. It's a short montage as I lost a majority of the footage, in fact the entire video is from the first day of my three day trip which is really disappointing. I'm hoping to recover the lost videos soon and post a second video that will be a little longer.

I'd love it if you could give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for future videos!

Comment with your YouTube channels x

18 April 2015

Boots Haul

Out of the all the haul and buys posts I have written, I have never done a Boots haul specifically. I usually purchase items from a mixture of stores but when I went on a big shopping spree Superdrug didn't have any good offers nor the items I wanted so I decided Boots was the drugstore to be at. I did have a list of items to purchase so these were all items I needed.. sort of.

Soap and Glory Solar Powder
I've been 'long term borrowing' this bronzer of my Mum and I recently managed to break the lid off which of course makes it a pain to take with me anywhere. I chose to get a new bronzer to save me from the mess and it's also nice to have a compact that looks clean!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I'm sure you are fed up of me talking about this brush on here by now! I needed to purchase a new one as the bristles of my last one have been falling out in chunks especially after I didn't clean it properly!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
There was a buy one get one half price offer with the RT brushes so I decided to purchase this sponge as it's always being praised in routines. Keep an eye out for it appearing on here in the future.

Prevalin Allergy Nasal Spray
Not the most exciting item in this haul but a vital one for me. I know plenty of tips for dealing with hayfever using a nasal spray is my top option. I started using this summer last year and now the sun is shining bright and Spring is here I've started using it again, to learn I ran out. It's a bit pricey in Boots but I needed it!

Garnier Cleansing Wipes
I love these wipes a lot, I started using them last year due to the pink packaging and liking the idea of the rose extract. Don't worry, I don't often use them to take remove a face full of make-up, they're more commonly used to clean the foundation off the back of my hands or wipe my chest of drawers clean. There's 3 for £5 in Boots at the moment which is a pretty good bargain.

Sure Fragrance Collection Bright Anti-Perspirant
Definitely a boring product but a necessity none the less! I've been trying it a range of different deodorant brands after the last few months and I've chosen to go back to my good old favourite Sure. I choose the bright one as it looked the prettiest, I mean they all do the same thing really?

OGX Moroccon Argan Oil Shampoo
Lastly is this shampoo, which wasn't on my shopping list but is something I'm looking forward to using. I'm having a lot of struggles with my hair recently, it started to get greasy very quickly and is a lot more dry so I've been using a range of shampoos to give it some life. Argan oil is known to be fantastic for your hair and at the high price of £6.99 for such a small bottle I hope it works!

Have you purchased anything from Boots lately? x

14 April 2015

Five Things Every Blog Needs

I take part in blogger chats on a regular basis and recently one of the topics focused on what we like to see on other bloggers pages. This has led me to write this post as a the majority of us agreed on the exact same points and I'm sure we can all agree we want our blogs to be the best they can be.

Social links
This is something bloggers and myself seem to feel strongly about. I personally cannot stand visiting an amazing blog but not being able to find their social links so I can follow them. Honestly, who wants to scroll around a blog for half an hour to attempt to find a Twitter username? The worst thing is there is no excuse as it's extremely simple to add your links in your sidebar, whether it's in text or in social icons. There are tons of free social icons available on the internet and there's even more tutorials on how to include them on your blog too.

Large Pictures
This is something a lot of bloggers don't pictures that fill the post width wise makes your post look neat and a lot more professional. Pictures are a major part of your posts, so what's the point in having them if readers can barely see them. If you use Blogger you just have to change the image size, usually extra large works as Blogger will fit it to the width of your post automatically.

Great Grammar
Capital letters, correct spelling and punctuation is so obvious yet something a lot of bloggers go without. Even if you feel unable to write clever sentences that draw readers in, writing sentences with the correct grammar already gets you a step closer to being a great writer.

About Me
This was mentioned a lot on the chat, I don't feel so strongly about it but I can understand where people are coming from. When you are reading a new blog you often want to get to know the person, whether you are being nosey or have a genuine interest. It's also important to have an about me section as companies may want to get to know you and see what you're about before contacting you.

Why blog is you don't want to blog? Don't blog for fame or for fortune because it doesn't work like that. Blogging is not easy, you have to work to get what you want and if you don't have the passion and motivation to do it then log off now and stop blogging. If you've lose your passion then don't be scared to take a step away from the laptop because readers prefer quality posts that you took the time and effort to create because it's something you wanted to do.

What do you think blogs need? x


12 April 2015

New Look Haul

New Look is not a high street shop I'd turn to for clothes, I think their sizing is completely out and the quality is rather poor. You're now probably confused as to why I'm doing a haul from their store when I dislike it so much, but strangely I adore their shoes. The majority of my shoe collection has been bought from New Look and when I wrote this shoe wishlist I fell in love with a few pairs and after browsing through the site I found a few extras.

When I first spotted the Lilac Snakeskin T Bar Heels it was love at first sight. If you've seen my recent what's in my bag then you'll be aware I have a lilac bag so these pair so well with it. The style of these shoes is completely different to anything I own as they're not black, they're patterned and they have a block heel. I think these are great for day time now Spring is here and the sun shining, but are also great for the evening to add a pop of colour.

These Lilac Snakeskin Slip On Plimsolls were technically not in the wishlist, but the mint green pair were. I wasn't sure what colour to purchase but chose lilac as it's a colour I'm clearly loving. I own a plain black pair of these plimsolls already and they're so comfy.

I spotted this Allergic 2 Mornings Night Shirt in store a while ago though they didn't have the size. I absolutely love night shirts like these as they're so comfy and I feel less lazy walking around the house in one compared to a pair of pajamas. Oh and the slogan is me all over.

Light Pink Floral Garland Headband was a random purchase as I found a £10 off voucher when you spend £50 or more. I liked the flowers in this headband and thought it'd be a nice accessory to take on holiday with me and to wear in the summer.

So there you go, I didn't purchase too much this time round but expect bigger hauls soon as next payday I'm doing holiday for when I'm going to Greece next month.  I'd also like to mention Olivia and Luke as they hosted a giveaway where the prize was a £40 voucher of choice, I was lucky enough to win so thanks to the both of them for the giveaway!

Have you bought anything from New Look recently? x


08 April 2015

Brighton in Photos

I stayed in Brighton for a few days with my boyfriend recently and I had a lovely time. I went to Brighton a year ago with my Mum and I wrote this simple summary post, so this time round I wanted to focus on the photos I had taken, not only because there was so many but I believe pictures describe moments and memories better than words ever do.

As we went for three days we made the most of what the town has to offer, including an hour long traffic queue along the sea front on arrival just so we could get to the car park.

On the day of arrival we walked down to the front as you do as we had time before we could check in our hotel. It was a late Sunday afternoon so it was rather quiet and relaxing although I smashed my phone to smithereens on the concrete pavement attempting to vlog. Once we were able to check in the hotel I was soon to empty my suitcase and organise everything into drawers and onto hangers. We chose to make the most of the free leisure facilities available to us as guests and went down to the swimming pool, bare in mind I hadn't been in a pool for more than a year and I'm not a strong swimmer I spent most of the time standing in the shallow end. After swimming, we got ready and walked down the road to JB's American Diner for dinner.

The second day we decided to use to explore and spend hours browsing through shops both big and small and we even got my phone fixed, you can't go to Brighton and not take loads of Instagram photos right? After shopping we walked through the pavilion gardens and then heading to the sea front to start taking photos for my outfit post before it got far too cold and we headed to our hotel room and watched Eastenders with chips from Harry Ramsden's.

 On the third and final day we went on to the pier where we went inside the arcades for some fun and games before heading to Brighton's sea life center which by he way is amazing and makes my local aquarium look like a fish tank. 

I would love to live in Brighton for a short period of time, the fact you can walk everywhere without feeling like you've just taken part in the Olympics is amazing. I do live in an area surrounded by some of the best beaches in Britain but there's something about Brighton's sea front that is honestly perfection. The sun is always setting in the direction of the west pier, the lighting at night never looks boring and although the sea breeze is chilly in March, I can imagine in the summer feels heavenly. 

It was very saddening that we had to go home and I'm sure I'll visit again next year. I definitely want to visit before Christmas as the small shops are the perfect places to purchase decorations and unique gifts. I do however want to stay in a different hotel and I definitely want to eat out more, it's just a struggle for a fussy eater like me, so if you have a recommendation then let me know in the comments.

What do you think of Brighton? x

06 April 2015

Brighton OOTD

So here we are, a post about a Brighton two weeks after going, hooray for broken laptops. I have been itching to write this post, it's my second outfit of the day and I rather like the photos, pebbles, sea and Brighton's west pier is a lovely background. I purposely spent time teaching my boyfriend the basics about my camera before the trip and I think these photos show he's learnt well, I may have my own personal photographer now.

Capes are a huge trend at the moment and although I own a cape coat, I was searching for a blanket cape as they are easy to throw on and seem very comfy. I spotted this monochrome checked cape here in the ASOS sale and I adore it. It's thick enough to keep me warm but can be used as a chunky scarf with a big coat which I decided to do for the cold evenings as the sea breeze is a little horrid in March. I chose the simplistic style and colours as I wanted it to pair well with my overly loved H&M black leggings and plain long sleeve t-shirts like this speckled grey one also from H&M.

I styled the outfit with chunky black brogues from New Look, a big floppy hat from H&M, Rayban Justin sunglasses and a big Steve Madden studded bag that I picked up from TK-Maxx. Jewelry wise
I wore a silver leaf pendant and silver rings from ASOS and H&M.

Months ago I would never have worn a floppy hat and had the confidence to stand on Brighton's sea front and pose in the wind, but I'm attempting to dress like an adult and do more fashion based posts on my blog. I'd love your advice on outfit pictures and definitely tips for posing!

Post your OOTD in the comments x


02 April 2015

Favourite Five: Brushes

I'm quite happy doing these favourite five posts, though I want to make sure I mix it up a bit between beauty and lifestyle, so what better to talk about my favourite brushes? I have spoke about my favourite brushes before in this post last year, though since then my brushes have doubled and I've learnt a lot about what brushes to use, though a couple have stayed the same.

This is one of the brushes included in my previous favourites. It's a large brush that picks up any powdered compact and applies evenly to the skin. It's such a perfect size for powder and feels soooooo soft.

This brush was also included in last year's favourites and I'm not sure my mind could be changed on how great this brush is for liquid foundation. I think you either love this or love the buffing brush and it's clear which one I prefer.

Real Techniques Cheek Brush out of the Nics Picks Set
When I reviewed this set here I wasn't too fussed on this brush, I was more keen on the eye brushes until I swapped my Real Techniques contour brush for this cheek brush and it's made a massive difference to bronzer application. It's meant to be used for blusher but works just as well for bronzer as it picks up the right amount of product and is easy to apply and blend onto the cheeks.

This brush was included in my January Favourites and has been a favourite ever since. It's perfect for creating a natural brow as the brush is so thin and it's not soft like a lot of brow brushes.

Lastly is the classic eye brush every girl should own. I overuse this brush which has meant it's ruined a little quicker than it should, so I've treated myself to a new one which is still sat in it's packet until I feel it's a special enough day to use it. I've just found this brush to be perfect for everything.

What are your favourite brushes? x

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