07 October 2015

Review: Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

I have been talking about purchasing Urban Decay's new Smoky Palette since it was announced. I already own the three Naked palettes so it would be rude not to get this one right? I was stubborn and chose not to order it online, just because I wanted to have it my hands as soon as I purchased it, so I've had to wait a while before I could pop into town and even once purchased I haven't even used it as I wanted to keep it pristine for these blog photos, nightmare!

 Although this is a labelled a review, there's no swatches and I haven't tried and tested the shades yet. There's a few reasons for this, mainly being the fact that I'm late on the bandwagon so there's plenty of reviews around the internet (This one from Sparkling Beauty is great) but my main reason is that I want to create make up looks using this palette, allowing you to see the shades in use. This review is more of look but don't touch review!

One thing I love about this product is the packaging, it feels and definitely looks lot nicer than the other Naked palettes, it screams classy. What I love most about the palette is the matte shades as the previous large Naked palettes don't include a lot of matte shades individually whereas this one comes with four. I also love the order of shades, they've separated the shimmers and mattes, with the shimmers being in light to dark order and mattes in dark to light.

The range of shades is pretty great, you've got a matte and a shimmer highlight shade, there's pletny of neutral colours, then there's the darker shades with blues and purples which are the key for this being a palette to create a smoky eye.

I cannot wait to start using this palette, I love Urban Decay's shadows as they are pigmented and last all day. I can already tell I'll be using the shade Whiskey a lot and it'll be fun to use the blues and purples as they're not shades I'd usually use, especially Slanted!

Have you got this palette? If not are you interested? x

05 October 2015

Autumn On The Lips

Baggy jumpers, cups of hot chocolate and walking on crispy leaves are a few of my favorite things about Autumn but I do love burgundy and plum shades being very in fashion. I'm now living in my new burgundy jumper (there's a haul soon) but I'm also reaching for my darker lip shades too, so I thought I'd round up my favourite lip products for Autumn.

I have to admit I don't own a lot of lip products as it is let alone dark ones, I'm definitely a lover of nudes and pinks but these four products are definitely perfect for fall.

I purchased this at the beginning of the year as cold months mean dry lips. I needed a good lip balm but I still wanted colour and as this is sold at my workplace I thought I'd try it out, it's a perfect sheer berry red.
I've been picking this up a lot recently as it's quite a nude option. I find it's the sort of shade that goes with a smokey eye or even a natural look, it's a real day to day shade.

This is a real autumnal shade, I actually purchased this last year for my halloween look but it ended up being a shade I wore throughout the rest of the colder months. It's only right you own a dark berry lipstick.

I had to include this product, it's such a buildable product so you can keep it as a lighter red or really build it up for a darker berry shade. The longevity of this product is also a bonus if you're going out and about.

What are your favourite lip products to get that Autumn look? x

03 October 2015

Tips For Clearing & Organising Your PC

I thoroughly enjoy organisation, whether it's just sorting my iPhone apps or having a full wardrobe clear out, it's just pleases me keeping things in place. I thought I'd use my love for organisation to write a few tips post to help and maybe even encourage some of you to organise parts of your life, starting off with your PC.

Giving my laptop a little TLC is something I've made sure to do on my week off work. As I spend a majority of my time on my laptop I find it really important to give it some attention so it doesn't run slow, my hard drive doesn't fill up and I can actually find things.

Tips For Clearing & Organising Your PC

Have a clear out
It's easy to keep filling your libraries with blog photos, selfies and videos dated from the day you got your computer so the first step is to get deleting. If you don't need that file anymore then it's time to say goodbye and you won't believe how much space you could free up.

Clearing out doesn't just mean deleting your usual files either, you should also have a browse through your programs and seeing if there's anything you don't need. Going onto your browser and clearing out your cache etc, is also important to do regularly.

Use your space wisely
There's always those photos of a holiday or an old video that you don't want to delete so why not move those files onto a form of external storage? You can purchase a hard drive, memory stick or even just a CD.

There's also online sites such as Dropbox for everything, Flickr for photos and you could even replace your folder of school disco classics for Spotify to keep your favourite songs a few clicks away.

Be organised
I adore keeping my files organised in their appropriately named folders and I even have my hard drive split into two, one half holds everything blog related with the other half storing the rest. My desktop has only three short cuts, but if you do like to keep a lot of shortcuts on your desktop you can get wallpapers to sort them into areas such as work, personal, to do etc. so there's no excuse to have a tidy desktop!

Naming and placing everything properly is very pleasing and it means you can find things a lot easier especially if you have a lot of files.

Keep up to date
Those annoying notifications that tell you to restart your computer or to update your antivirus are definitely annoying but don't put them of for too long. Updating your software allows your computer to run better and I'm sure I don't need to explain why you should always keep your antivirus up to date!

Clean the outside
There's no point giving your computer some care on the inside if you're going to leave the outside dirty. You should regularly clean your screen and keyboard but you can also purchase some compressed air to get the dust out of the nooks and crannies.

What are your tips for keeping your computer happy? x


01 October 2015

September Favourites

It's been a long while since I've posted a monthly favourites, purely as I haven't bought or tried anything new so my favourites have stayed the same. September however seems to be a month where I've found new loves for a mixture of beauty, fashion and even lifestyle!

Vans Black & White Old Skool
I absolutely love vans but my classic black pair are so overworn I knew I needed to buy a new pair. It took me a long time to finally purchase some but these old skool versions are what I went for, they look a lot nicer and as I wear these leggings a lot the white really breaks up all the black.

Casio Leather Croc Watch
I've pretty sure I've had this watch since July but I'm still allowing it in this month's favourites as I realised how much I love wearing it when I left it in my work locker, my wrist truly felt naked. I have never been one for watches but I really wanted one for work, something simple and affordable so this one was ideal, the only thing I hate is having tiny wrists as even on the tightest it's still too big for me!

I wouldn't usually include lifestyle favourites but I have been using Spotify's web player on a daily basis recently. I'd normally use YouTube to find and play songs but the amount of playlists on Spotify are ridiculous, there's always one for my mood.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
Finally we're onto a beauty favourite! I've been using this mascara out of the Urban Decay On The Run palette, which although I disliked when I first used it in my tutorial video but now I'm in love with it. It really lengthens the lashes without clumping, it just takes a few coats to get what I want.

Colab London Shampoo
I've been having trouble getting hold of my favourite Dove dry shampoo so I've been trying a range of other brands and so far Colab's is definitely the best. It's not as refreshing in comparison to Dove's product or Batiste but as it's very affordable, gives a good amount of volume and is invisible on the hair, the pros and cons balance out.

What are your September favourites? x


29 September 2015

September Snaps

It seems in every snaps blog post I talk about how quick the month has gone, but September has seriously flown by! I always find that once it's October it's all about the special events and the countdown to Christmas which is now only a few months away, but less talk about Christmas and more about how I've found the past four weeks aye?

I've been trying to stick to posting to Instagram on a regular basis though been a bit more difficult as I haven't been blogging much so I can't just post a bunch of blog photos, and I haven't been very social either other than a shopping trip. On that shopping trip however I went to Pizza Express for the first time which is a huge deal for me as I haven't liked pizza in years so I now eat margherita pizzas which aren't too daring, but cheese and tomato pizzas are better than no pizza right?

The best part about September is having last week off work, I really put my head down and focused on my blog, funnily enough I'm writing this during my week off because I'm getting so ahead again! I've also been completing a large to do list such as selling things, changing bits in my room and even giving my laptop some TLC which I've decided to create a blog post out of, sharing my tips with you to giver your pc a little love, that post will be going up in a few days.

Now it's time to plan for October, prepare some fun halloween make up looks and enjoy Autumn!

How's your September been? x

27 September 2015

An Autumn Clothing Haul

 I purchase plenty of clothes but I've never posted a clothing haul on my blog, so here we are! I've been on two shopping trips recently and it's safe to say I've purchased plenty and I've tried to get some Autumnal pieces why I'm at it.

Burgundy jersey top from H&M - I realised I don't have plain t-shirts and burgundy is one of my favourite colours for Autumn, this is the perfect top for layering or just to wear around the house.

Long dark blue t-shirt from H&M - When I went on a second shopping trip I found this blue plain tee, I got this in a smaller size as it's oversized anyway but that makes it perfect to pair with leggings.

Babes Love Brunch from Topshop - I absolutely love Tee And Cake tees from Topshop, I kind of own too many of them really but they're so comfy. I love the slogan of this one, it definitely suits me as I tend to have brunch all the time so when my boyfriend told me to purchase it there was no hesitation!

Ripped MOTO Jamie jeans from Topshop - I've been eager to try getting a pair of jeans as I haven't owned let alone worn a pair for years! Topshop was an obvious choice to get a good quality pair of jeans as they have a wide range of styles, Jamie is definitely perfect for me so I purchased these with rips in the knees. I'm definitely going to get some without rips and I also want them in grey! 

Grey Ribbed Blanket Cardigan from New Look - I have to say I completely disagree that this is a grey colour, it's much more of a beige shade! I've been after a cardigan of this style for a while after I spotted a very overpriced one on ASOS, I knew New Look would get something in sooner or later so when I spotted this I was very happy. It's so soft and I can't wait to start wearing it.

Burgundy V-Neck Jumper from H&M - I loved this jumper when I spotted it, it's right up my street for throwing with a pair of leggings. The v-neck is a little different for me but make it's a lot nicer and more flattering.

Patterned woven scarf from H&M - You know it's an Autumn hall when there's a scarf involved. I don't own any scarves and I regretted it last year so I knew I needed to get at least one this time round. I was going to opt for a plain grey one but when I saw this I loved it too much, it's nice to have a range of neutral colours as it will be able to go with anything, oh and it's super soft btw.

I also purchased some earrings from New Look, gold rings and a silver pendant necklace from H&M and a new pair of Vans!

Have you bought any new pieces of clothing lately? x

25 September 2015

On My Nails


This nail polish was included in the Glamour summer edit beauty box back in June and I'm making the most of my week off work by having my nails painted. I choose this polish as I've never used a Nails Inc product before and I love this neutral shade. I am awful at painting my nails but when I used this polish I was honestly amazed at how amazing it is to apply! The brush is perfect, the polish is fast drying, it only needed two coats as well and the finish is right up my street. I have never painted my nails so neatly, I need to invest in some Nails Inc polishes!

Do you own any Nails Inc polishes? x

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