30 August 2015

August Snaps

I can't quite believe that it's already the end of another month and Autumn is around the corner, though with the miserable weather here in England you'd think Summer was long gone. I have to admit I love writing these posts, I like reminding myself what I have been up to over the last 30 days even when it hasn't been to exciting, I also find it quite a nice post to write as a I can get it done quite quickly. Strangely I am writing this post half nine on the day it's being published, something I never imagined I'd do but I went to sleep rather early last night due to a sudden migraine which meant I was awake at seven this morning, fun.

Let's get on to talking about my August then shall we? In regards to blogging I've struggled a lot this month, I've only been having one day off a week at work and when I am working it's been odd shifts so I have definitely found it difficult to find time and energy for my blog, though it's all explained properly here.

I've tried to make the most of the sunshine that has existed going out for walks, one which led to a spontaneous outfit shoot, these walks have definitely led to a lot of the pictures I've been posting on Instagram! I also attended a first birthday party with the theme cowboys and indians, I was an indian whilst Craig was a cowboy but for once in my life I didn't take any pictures!

If you follow me on any social networks you'll know I celebrated my 2nd blog birthday at the beginning of this month and I wrote a short post if you missed it. I can't believe it's been so long, but it's only been in the last year or so I've taken my blog more seriously and I hope there will be more blogiversarys to come!

How has your August been? x

26 August 2015

Black And White

If you've read my recent A Summer's Day post you'll know that this outfit post was soon to come as the photos were taken on the same day. This outfit post was very spontaneous, Craig picked me up and as I really liked my outfit and sun decided to show it's face I thought why not shoot some outfit pictures, especially as he wants to learn to use my camera so you know who to blame for the first photo being out of focus, though I still wanted to include it as it's unfortunately my favourite photo from the million he snapped.

When I first spotted this shirt on the hanger I thought it was a bed shirt but after much consideration I ended up purchasing it to try on at home and surprisingly I loved it. Even though my boyfriend Craig keeps saying I'm a walking barcode, I'm glad I purchased it though it's definitely not something I would have chosen a few months ago, but I am attempting to change my style from the usually baggy tees and black plimsolls.

The shirt is lightweight and is lower down at the back which makes it a lot more flattering, as the shirt is made with such a light material it does make it sheer so I opted for a nude bra. I love the small silver button on the collar, matching with the ones on the sleeves to give it something extra.

I don't wear jeans so leggings was the obvious choice, but if the weather is hot I think the shirt would be great with a pair of denim shorts too. The shoe choice of black chelsea boots was purely down to them being a new purchase and wanting to give them a wear, they're extremely comfy I love the brogue-like detailing. My Casio watch, a silver jewelry and my trusty sunglasses were then added to the outfit but I chose not to wear a bag for this post.

Shirt - Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's | Leggings - Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's | Boots - Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's | Watch - ASOS | Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

The main pieces of this outfit is from Tu at Sainsbury's which was completely unplanned, I blame their 25% sale and my staff discount, it's hard work walking past new clothes everyday...

Have you bought any new clothes lately? Share your outfit posts and hauls in the comments! x

24 August 2015

A Summer's Day

Not long ago a posted A Quiet Sunday and I was very happy with the photos and found the post easy to write so when me and Craig spontaneously decided to shoot an outfit post (that will be on here soon) it was clear I was going to shoot some of my own photos of the surroundings and put them into a post, though I don't have much to say as it will all be in the outfit post.

I probably don't talk enough about my passion for photography but much like blogging it's a hobby I never want to give up and would love to have a career in. It's funny because my blog photography definitely slacks in comparison to any photography away from the blog and I have no idea why! I hope you've liked these photos and I hope you're enjoying summer, though if you live in England like me you're probably not getting much of one!

Have you got an interest in photography? x

21 August 2015

Stationery Wishlist

I have always had a thing for stationery, I love finding an excuse to pop into Paperchase and I'm obsessed with purchasing an unnecessary yet gorgeous notepad or five. I'm not sure what gave me the inspiration to hunt down for cute stationery and turn it into a wishlist, but here we are. Be aware, there's lots of gold.

1. Pretty Little Pencils
3. Kate Spade New York Wit & Wisdom Journal

8. Gentle Reminder Pencils 
9. This And That Marble Notebook
10. Sugar Paper Kraft To Do List
11. Kate Spade New York Acrylic Gold Stapler
12.Shimmer Kraft With Gold Polka Dots
13. Bunting Flag Washi Tape
14. Parker Ingenuity Gold-Trim Fountain Pen

What are your favourite stores to purchase cool stationery from? x


19 August 2015

YouTube: Naked On The Run Make Up Look

If you follow me on my Twitter or Instagram then you may have seen me talking about an upcoming video for my channel. I spontaneously filmed this video focusing on using the Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette and I've been eager to edit and upload it but as I only have Windows Movie Maker it's been a little tricky to get the video how I wanted. 

I've finally finished editing and I'm excited to tell you I've uploaded my first make up look/tutorial video and I'd love it if you could give it a watch. I use every product that's included in the palette except the eyeliner to create a simple look perfect for the daytime.

I posted a full review on the palette a few days ago so if you do want to find out what I think of the palette and the included products then head over to this post.

Have you ever used this palette? x


18 August 2015

Being A Bad Blogger

It's safe to say I have been slacking on the blog front recently, my last post was more than a week ago and there's been large gaps between posts prior to that. I do want to apologise, but if you're a regular reader then you will know this isn't the first time and it seems I go through stages where I don't post regularly, or at all.

It's not that I don't love blogging, because I really do, it's just bad timing. When I'm motivated and eager to write blog posts I don't have the time and when I do have the time I don't have the motivation or ideas to write and I'm not the sort of blogger who will write meaningless content just to avoid situations like this. It just seems the more hours I do work, I want to spend my non-working hours relaxing, so if you have any advice for blogging with a job then please send it my way!

I do have some fun and easy posts I want to write, but until I have a few hours to spend on my laptop they won't be appearing. It's currently gone midnight and I have a matter of hours before I have to wake up but I was in the mood to explain my lack of presence on here. I am however more present on both Instagram and Twitter if you want to give me a follow on either platforms.

Anyway, I just wanted to explain myself and apologise for being a shit blogger. I kind of hope I snap out of it and start blogging normally again because I hate it being this way!

Leave your advice in the comments, it will be highly appreciated! x

10 August 2015

A Quiet Sunday

I love Sundays so much I even wrote a post about it, so this Sunday me and Craig went out for lunch and then a long walk down Hengistbury Head as I fancied some fresh air and was in the mood to take some photos for a blog post. On the journey we popped into Costa to get my favourite ice cooler - raspberry and blackcurrant, and a cheeky caramel shortbread, as if I really needed more sugar!

We ended up walking for more than an hour, taking our time and enjoying the scenery taking photos here and there, constantly getting sand in my shoes. There were plenty of people around walking dogs and flying kites, though it was a little bit chilly with the the sun hiding behind the clouds and the wind in full force, though the day started off with bright blue skies the grey clouds soon swept in, good old England!

Whilst we were walking along there was a huge bang that sounded like a bomb, we turned around to sea sand flying in the air and for a moment I became a little anxious though everyone just stopped and stared but no one was running screaming. It turned out that there was in fact a bomb, it was a grenade purposely detonated in the sea by the navy and bomb disposal unit, an exciting addition to my Sunday!

I love writing posts like these, so I'm shocked it's been so long since I wrote anything with the photography label and I definitely want to make sure these are more common on the blog. Craig and myself have made a list of places we want to see and re-visit, whether it's on Sundays or general days off so hopefully I'll be back to writing posts like these on a regular basis.

What I Wore:
Top- Primark. Cardigan - H&M. Leggings- TU at Sainsbury's. Sandals - New Look. Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters. Bag - New Look..

What did you get up to on Sunday? x
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