24 November 2015

A Little Update

If you follow me on Twitter you may be pretty up to date but I thought a blog post would be the perfect way to let everyone know what to expect from me and my blog over the next few months.

I really want to try harder because I have been feeling down when it comes to my blog, it's not growing in the way I imagined it would be by now and I sometimes feel I'm not good enough, but I don't feel like giving up anytime soon so the only way to overcome these feelings is via positivity!

I've purchased a vlogging camera.

I splurged on a Sony A5000 not too long ago so I can film vlogs for my YouTube channel. I want to upload on a regular basis so owning a vlogging camera is going to help me achieve that, especially as I want vlogs to be a key part of my channel. I'll still use my DSLR for the at home videos though.

I'm also using the camera as my go to for when my DSLR is too bulky to take with me, such as lunch dates and walks, then I can get the blog pictures I need, the WiFi on the camera also makes it ideal for easy Instagram photos where I'm aiming to post everyday.

I want to rebrand.

A lot of bloggers have rebranded and I love seeing and hearing of the benefits. I've thought about rebranding for a while but it's getting a lot more serious. I dislike Colourful Stuff as my blog name and I want something that flows through my blog URL and my social platforms. I want people to visit my blog and think 'wow this looks great' so changes need to be made. I'm hoping to rebrand in the New Year to give me time to plan thoroughly. I would definitely love suggestions for name picking, theme sites etc.

I plan on doing blogmas.

I'm pretty sure I said this last year and failed, but this year I'm pretty determined to succeed. For those that aren't sure to what blogmas is, it's simply posting everyday in December up to Christmas. This may be simple for those who blog everyday anyway, but if you don't it can be tricky to write and publish posts consistently for 24 days.  It will be great though as I've not been doing well at keeping my posts consistent as it is so this should benefit you all. If you're doing blogmas too then let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to check your blog out!

Have you got any updates for yourself/blog? Tell me in the comments! x


22 November 2015

Gift Guide: Secret Santa £10 or less.

Christmas is a matter of weeks away so it's the perfect time to start posting loads of gift guides to help you find those perfect gifts. I'm starting off with secret santa as you tend to get these gifts a bit earlier, it was hard to choose only a small selection but i think I've done well and there's even a few cheeky ideas thrown in the mix. The best part of this gift guide is everything is £10 or less so there's no need to worry about overspending.

Him or her.

Horniest Person In The Office Mug£5 from Ann Summers
If you work in an office there's a high chance you know someone who deserves this cheeky mug!

Don't Be A Dick Pin£5 from Not On The High Street
A sly way of telling someone they're a dick head, just banter right?

Grammar Book£7.99 from Urban Outfitters
If you know the right person to give this to it will make the perfect gift, just don't go offending anyone.

Nodding Pug£7 on ASOS
Did you get the pug lover for your secret santa? Well I bet they'll love this guy on their windowsill.

King For The Day£5 on ASOS Queen For The Day - £3 on ASOS
I'm not sure why it costs more to be a fake king than a queen, but I'm sure you know someone who will love pretending they're powerful royalty for the day.

Bullshit Button£8 from ASOS
I know plenty of people who deserve this gift, there's a reason this is secret santa.


Gin and Tonic Lip Balm - £10 on Not On The High Street
A little gift for that lady who loves a good gin and tonic on their night off.

Ryan Gosling Calendar - £8.99 on ASOS
This is a secret santa present that would definitely put a smile on someones face.

Selfie Mirror Keyring£5 from Topshop
There's plenty of females in this generation who deserve this keyring!

Cola Willies£3 from Ann Summers
Someone in your secret santa deserves to get edible willies.

Little Miss Trouble Mug - £8.95 ASOS
Why not let that troublemaker think up a master plan why drinking tea?


Enormous Boobs Book£6.99 on ASOS
For the lad that LOVES boobs.

Beard Bottle Opener£6 from ASOS
There's a lot of cool beard related gifts, but this is definitely cool and useful at the same time.

The Little Book Of Foreign Swear Words - £5.99 on ASOS
I'd suggest this is a book for someone with a sense of humour that's easy to sent off.

Condom Holder and Little Black Book£10 on ASOS
For that horny lad that claims he's slept with everyone.

Man Flu Set£10 on ASOS
I'm sure every guy should have one of these, poor things..

I definitely recommend ASOS for novelty gifts on a budget, but if you've got a bit more to spend than Urban Outfitters is the site to head to.

Keep your eyes peeled for more focused gift guides, feel free to tell me what guides you'd like to see! x

18 November 2015

Non-Chocolate Advent Calendars

When I say advent calendars that aren't chocolate you are probably thinking of some of the good old beauty calendars that have been gracing us each December, but there are more non-chocolate calendars than that. I've rounded up some affordable and some high end calendar favourites of mine and they're not all for girls either!

1- Beauty Workshop from Selfridges
It wouldn't be right if I didn't include this calendar amongst my favourites, though it's definitely on the pricier side the products included are definitely worth it.

2- Reindeer Carousel from Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle have three calendars this year with this carousel style design being my favourite. I love the idea of lighting a seasonal scented candle for the lead up to Christmas day.

3- Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar from Liberty
Liberty's calendar is very pretty, on the outside is a beautiful snow scene but when you open it up the drawers are patterned with their Felix and Isabelle print, so not only do you get an amazing range of products you get a pretty display too.

4- The Book of Makeup Magic from Charlotte Tilbury
One of the most loved beauty calendars with a mixture of full size and mini products, you can't go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury.

5- Tree Advent Calendar from Topshop
Jewellery is a great alternative from both chocolate and beauty. This year's design from Topshop is very festive and the perfect calendar for any female.

6- White 12 Days of Christmas from New Look
Another great alternative that is definitely affordable. I think this is perfect for teenage sisters too.

7- Christmas Beard Oils Advent Calendar from Not On The High Street
I couldn't resist including this for all the bearded gentleman out there! Not On The High Street do fantastic advent calendar alternatives, whether it's beard oils or tea.

What's your favourite advent calendar, chocolate or not? x 

16 November 2015

Recipe and Video: Simple Milk Chocolate Cookies

I was eager to do some baking for my blog and also my YouTube channel so I browsed a few cookie recipes, here's a very simple one that you're able to change, whether you want to use more cocoa or add white chocolate chips too!


  • 112g Sieved Plain Flour
  • 55g Unrefined Caster Sugar
  • 112g Unsalted Butter
  • Tablespoon of Cocoa Powder
  • Chocolate Chips/Chunks


  • Preheat oven to 180c
  • Line two baking trays with parchment paper
  • Weigh ingredients


  • Cream together the butter and caster sugar until it's light and fluffy.
  • Add the flour and cocoa powder to the mixture and then mix.
  • Add some chocolate chips/chunks and mix in.
  • Roll the mixture into balls and place onto the baking tray, spread out the balls evenly to allow room for the cookies to spread out.
  • Add chocolate chips/chunks on top of the cookies, this is when I added a piece of Cadbury's chocolate in the centre of the ball.
  • Place the baking tray into the oven and wait 8-12 minutes for the cookies to bake/
  • When removed from the oven place the cookies on a cooling rack  before they stick to the paper. it's easier transferring them using a spatula.
  • Leave them to cool for 10-15 minutes so they cool and harden then enjoy!


31 October 2015

October Snaps

That's right, it is the last day of October! I swear the months are going quicker and quicker as the year goes on. I cannot believe Christmas is so close now, I'm planning on heading to Brighton to do my Christmas shopping as the shops are fantastic there though part of me is tempted to go to London!

As I'm growing up I seem to enjoying Autumn more, I love wearing baggy jumpers and I really love being able to wear soft snuggly pyjamas to bed without getting hot. I've also been very excited for Halloween this year, I think this has a lot to do with being a beauty blogger as I've seen some fantastic Halloween looks over the past couple of months that makes me want to really go all out this year. I am hoping to do a get ready with me for tonight but if that doesn't go to plan I am likely to write up a blog post instead, but you can add me on Snapchat (Colourful_Stuff) if you want to see what I'm getting up to!

Over the past four weeks I have once again been working a lot and not been having much spare time, you can probably tell that by my Instagram photos as the majority are taken in my room or quotes, even the pictures that were taken for my Keeping It Simple outfit post were taken last month! 

I've actually been struggling with blogging this month, when I had time off work in September I managed to schedule so many posts I kind of lost track of when I needed more posts for so the last week or so has been terrible. I definitely need tips on balancing blogging and work so if you have any advice let me know in the comments or even tweet me.

Happy Halloween!

Have you had a good October? x


19 October 2015

Keeping It Simple

A pair of jeans and a cotton shirt paired with trainers and sunnies is an outfit that screams simplicity and is probably something a lot of people throw on daily but for me it's completely out of my comfort zone.

If you read my Autumn Haul you'll be aware I purchased my first pair of jeans in well, years. I have lived in leggings for so long now I thought Jeans were horrible and didn't suit me but out of no where I was determined to find a pair I loved and it was successful as I landed my hands on a pair of Topshop Jamie jeans. These are so comfy and I like the rips, though I've just purchased two pairs without rips to help stop the old people staring with a confused expression.

This shirt was actually supposed to be returned, I loved it on the hanger but once I got it home and tried it on with leggings I looked like I should be a member of a hospital drama. I never got round to returning it and I'm glad as it works perfectly with my jeans, though I wish it was a size smaller. As I was so unsure about this shirt I asked on Twitter how to style it and everyone suggested a leather jacket so it looks like I need to invest in one especially now the weather is colder.

| Shirt - New Look  | Jeans - Topshop | Shoes - VANS | Rings - H&M | CASIO Watch - ASOS | Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

Tell me how you'd dress this outfit up! x

15 October 2015

Halloween Makeup Inspiration

This time of year calls for carving pumpkins, watching scary movies and most importantly getting dressed up whether it be spooky, sexy or silly. Although I have been getting some outfit ideas, I've been more keen to find make up inspiration because it can make or break a look. There are some amazing looks on Pinterest but I thought I'd break down my favourites and show you them here:

Find these looks on my Halloween Pinterest board, there's also more looks and more inspiration to make All Hallows Eve extra special.

What are you going as for Halloween? x
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