22 May 2015

Why I Blog

I started blogging in August 2013, I liked the idea of being able to write things on the internet that can be shared and read by thousands of people around the world. Of course when I first started I loved the idea of receiving free products, gaining popularity and attending events, but of course it didn't take me long to realise that is not what blogging is about. 

To me blogging is just a hobby, and realistically it'a a hobby I've put a lot of my time and money into. Nevertheless I absolutely love blogging and I am so glad I started, so let me tell you why I blog:
  • I like being able to connect with other bloggers.
  • It's great helping others learn.
  • I'm able to share my thoughts and ideas.
  • I love taking photos.
  • I've gained confidence.
  • I can look back at things I've said and done.
  • I love to write.
  • It's a positive hobby.
  • I enjoy it.

It's very important to me that when I am blogging I want to be blogging, if I need a break I will have one. I try to focus on the parts I love rather than chasing numbers and getting down because I know I'm not a fantastic blogger, I don't write like a novelist nor do I take photos that could be in magazine but I put a lot of effort into my small space on the internet and I'm content with it.

Why do you blog? x


20 May 2015

Workout Wishlist

I have been trying to get into working out on the regular, but it hasn't been going very well. My biggest issue is I don't have a sports bra or comfy loose clothing either, and the only trainers I own are high tops and vans so it's completely impractical. This of course meant I browsed the web in the hope of finding pretty yet practical clothing for working out and I found tons, which lead to this wishlist with a few accessories thrown in too!

1. Skipping Rope

2. Let's work It Out Water Bottle

3. Adidas Supernova Bra

5. Nike Air Max 1 Print

6. No More Excuses Vest

8. Adidas Originals Hawaii Vest

9. Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire in Mint

10. Mint Green Sports Top

11. Adidas Trefoil Leggings

What's on your workout/sport wishlist? x

18 May 2015

Review: Lush Yummy Mummy

This is the second Lush product review out of my Lush Winnings and this time it's all about their limited edition Yummy Mummy shower gel, a product especially for Mother's Day.

I have never tried a Lush shower gel so I wasn't sure what to expect, I was just hoping for the best as lilac is a favourite colour of mine right now and the slight strawberry scent made me love it even more. I poured a small amount on my hand for the purpose of photographs and the colour was still strong, it felt really lovely too. I then rubbed my hand together and it lathered rather quickly,

The product has "silver lustre to add a touch of glamour" but really it's not noticeable at all which is definitely a positive as I don't want to be covered in any sort of shimmer. I definitely notice my skin felt cleansed and softened, the scent wasn't overpowering either which is just I want.

Have you tried this shower gel? x


16 May 2015

My Most Loved Beauty Products

It's very easy to focus on the cosmetic side of beauty, I always do reviews and favourites based on make-up which leaves the bottled products I own barely seen on my blog. I thought I'd give these bottled beauties their time to shine and talk about my most loved product that sit in a white wire basket on my Muji drawers.

Let's start with the boring stuff first shall we? You may have seen the Sure Fragrance Collection Bright Anti-Perspirant featured in my recent Boots haul, though it's technically a new addition it's a really good deodorant. Though I've varied from brand to brand, Sure is my good old favourite and this fragrance is lovely. In relation to deodorants I also use the Lynx Attract For  Her Body Spray, I don't use this as much as I used to but it is a lovely scent and makes me feel fresh.

In relation to body sprays, I have two body mists in this collection. Soap and Glory Mist You Madly is a product featured in many of my posts, I can't get enough of the fragrance and I use it everyday without fail. The second body mist is Zoella Mistful Blissful which I was gifted for Christmas, the scent is very pretty and is great to use as a light perfume.

Talking of perfumes (I'm doing well with this linking malarky!) is my bottle of Marc Jacob Daisy Dream, when this was released I fell in love but couldn't decide whether to splurge or not as I have never been a lover of perfumes, my boyfriend ended up gifting me this as an early Christmas present and I use it on the regular. I'm sure you all know how fantastic it is.

I'm going to move onto hair now, Toni & Guy Casual: Sea Salt Spray is my number one product for hair styling. I have used this for years, in fact it was featured in my first beauty and favourites post in 2013! I absolute love this for adding texture and casual waves to my hair, but I also love it for sorting out terrible hair as it dampens the hair it means I can brush out any frizz and kinks. Another product from the brand is Toni & Guy Glamour Firm Hold Hair Spray, a fantastic hair spray that does what it needs to do.

The next favourite hair product I've had for years is TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray, I use this every time I use straighteners or tongs, and sometimes when I use a hair dryer. I've had this exact bottle for years and I still haven't run out, it seems to last forerver?

The last hair product is of course Dove Dry Shampoo, my favourite dry shampoo in existence! It smells great, lasts all day and massages in well without making me look grey, it's usually on offer too so isn't that pricey.

There's one skincare product in this basket, the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, something every make-up wearing female needs in her life. I have this product in the tube as it works out as a better deal. You can read my full review here if you want to know more.

You may also be able to spot a small product hidden next to the cleanser, my BlanX White Shock Gel Pen, I won a bunch of BlanX teeth whitening products in a giveaway and this pen stays sat in this basket so I can use it when I choose, it's a strange product but I have definitely seen progress since using their products.

I hope you liked this post! What are your most loved beaut products? x

14 May 2015

A Walk Through Kingston Lacy

My boyfriend and myself were aiming to visit the local Bluebell woods so I take some pictures and have a nice walk, we ended up getting a bit confused and lost so we drove in to a place we had never heard of, Kingston Lacy, where sat a huge mansion surrounded in acres of gardens and land. 

I'm always one for exploring new places so it was an easy decision to see what Kingston Lacy had to offer, one thing definitely being overly priced entry. We ended up paying just for the woodland walk and gardens, who needs to see inside a mansion anyway? It was fun trying to follow the given map and work out which path to follow though it actually turned out I was reading the map wrong. The majority of what we saw was trees and blue bells, oh and a lot of bulls?

When we left I'd realised we missed some of the best part of the gardens which was very disappointing. I'd quite happily head there again on a sunny day with a picnic though, there's so many open areas for you to sit down and enjoy the surroundings. Even though we were the youngest there by far, it was great to go and do something different.

Have you ever been to Kingston Lacy? x


12 May 2015

Food Review: Conto Lounge Bournemouth

Food is a category rare to find on my blog, but I fancied writing about my favourite brunch spot located in Bournemouth, it's called Conto Lounge and it's a winner for classic yet tasty treats.

This lounge was introduced by my mother and often visited accompanied by my boyfriend. The decor is unique, rather eccentric and completely mix and match, but perfectly put together.

As a fussy eater I truly struggle with eating out, it's my worst trait, so finding someone with simplistic tasty food is a huge difficultly. This place was the location where I tried bacon and hash brows for the first time since I can remember, now I often order their breakfast and I've even tried their tasty triple stacked pancakes! On the visit I took these photos I chose two fried eggs on toast as I wasn't overly hungry, though they still made it look great), unlike my boyfriend who chose 'The Diner Brunch' which was mostly a normal breakfast with the addition of pancakes and fried potatoes, it looked delicious. My favourite thing about this cafĂ© bar is you're able to personalise most of your meals without causing hassle, which is perfect if you're a picky eater like me! Oh, and I can't forget to mention that they do a fab pot of tea.

Although I've only stepped foot in the lounge once in the evening, I know they do more than just a good brunch. They really emphasise the bar side of their business, offering fancy cocktails, tons of spirits and more. I'm also aware they host regular quiz nights of which I'm yet to attend.

Although this might seem a useless review if you don't live local, there are tons of these lounges across the UK, just with different names. You can find your local here, and I would totally recommend it!

Have you been to one of the lounges? x

10 May 2015

The 7(ish) Minute Blow Dry For Long Hair

There are many struggles with having long hair, especially thick long hair. You use way too much shampoo than is probably normal, it always seems get stuck in/on everything and it of course takes hours to style. You could go and have a cut, but if you're anything like me then we both know that's not a possibility, so we have to make do with what we have.

One thing I have mastered is drying my hair in about 7 minutes, this has made a huge difference when I'm getting ready. If you have long hair like me and want to be able to dry your hair quickly with minimal effort then this post is definitely for you, if you have shorter or thinner hair then you could definitely do this in less than 7 minutes. This is all baring in mind you have a hair dryer with a decent amount of power, I use the John Freda Salon Shine dryer which I was gifted for Christmas and it's amazing.  

Firstly you need to prepare prior blow drying, make sure you wring and squeeze all the excess water out of your hair after washing and then use a towel to absorb the water, towel drying your hair makes a massive difference to reducing the blow dry time. 

The most important bit of aiming for a quick blow dry is sectioning your hair, I never used to section my hair which meant the back of my hair and the underneath layers took longer to dry and it also meant I was damping the top layers that were dry by brushing through to the underneath layers. To section the hair I use a hair band or scrunchie, but you can use a large a clip if you have one. You need to start by leaving the underneath layer of your hair exposed and pinning the rest up, just make sure the layer exposed isn't too thick. 

You then need to brush the section, I use a Tangle Teezer to brush through my wet hair. Once the section is brushed it's time to blow dry, it's completely up to you if you do this with your hands or with a brush, or both like I do. You can also dry your hair upside down to gain a bit of volume and ensure you dry the underneath well.

It then just about sectioning, brushing and drying, in that order. I normally section my hair off until I reach the top layer where I dry my parting. I always find the crown of my head the hardest to dry as it's where the thickest part of my hair is, so I tend to brush through it a lot to encourage it to dry quicker.

Let me know if you liked this post x
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