Posted on: 25 October 2014

Favourite Five: Popular Bloggers

I've been eager to talk about my top favourites among different topics and I thought I'd start it off with my favourite popular bloggers. I'm using the term popular bloggers for those who have a high following of over 5,000 that I enjoy to read on a constant basis, whenever these blogs have a new post I am determined to give it some appreciation.

Kate for Ghost Parties
Kate is my favourite blogger- she is a huge inspiration to me. Ghost Parties is full of high quality content and beautiful yet simplistic photos that have me in awe. I'm not sure where she finds the time to run such a great blog when she writes for NouvelleDaily and films for her YouTube channel too! Kate's passion for beauty, creative mind and gorgeous taste, makes Ghost Parties one of the best beauty and lifestyle blogs on the internet

Dana for Wonder Forest
I found Dana's blog Wonder Forest through the design of Zoella and I was immediately impressed with her creativity though I wasn't too interested in her blog. Over the last few months however I've been extremely interested in her posts, she takes wonderful photos and creates clever edits. The topics Dana chooses are suitable for everyone as she's great at writing and giving advice. I also managed to win one of her amazing blog templates which makes me love her a little bit more!

Anna for Vivianna Does Makeup
It's likely you've heard of Anna as she's a big on the beauty blogger and vlogger scene. Her posts are such high quality whether she's demonstrating new products, beauty favourites or even showing her amazing organisation skills. Anna has such a classy edge to her which makes her so different to other beauty bloggers and that's what makes her stand out in my eyes. 

Helen for The Lovecats Inc
The reason I love Helen's blog so much is purely because of her clear, crisp photos. Even if it's on Instagram her photos catch my eye without me reading the caption/title. Photos like Helen's draw you into the blog not just because they're great quality and edited well, but because they always summarise what the post is about, it's like you don't even need to read the entire post and you'll understand the full topic. The Lovecats Inc has such a range of post too, yummy recipes, blog tips, fashion wishlists and so much more!

Hannah for Hannah Maggs
Lastly is the lovely Hannah, one of my favourite YouTubers- but that's another post. Hannah doesn't post on a regular basis but when she does post I immediately read it. Every post is well written and the pictures have such a unique style, most likely taken by her talented husband Stef. I don't think Hannah gets the appreciation deserves, a professional makeup artist and a new mummy to a gorgeous little boy. I think I know a little too much about her life really but I can't help myself. She has also started selling her own makeup bags too, such a busy woman!

I do have other favourite popular bloggers such as Zoe from Zoella, Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter etc. Though I wanted to choose those that as large on the blogging scene like they are.

Who are your favourite "popular" bloggers? Do you like who I've chosen?

Posted on: 23 October 2014

A Little Beauty Haul

I have been rather behaved when it came down to shopping this month, though that didn't stop me wondering in to TK Maxx to hunt for bargains nor did it stop me purchasing a couple of products from Zoe's new beauty range.

Ciate Dolls House Collection
Ciate varnishes are a common find in TK Maxx, though the colours are usually bold and glittery so when my eyes landed on this collection I was pleased with the pretty pastel shades.

MAC Lipglass
This is my first MAC find in TK Maxx and I was extremely worried it would be a fake. After spending a good amount of time researching on my phone I came to the conclusion this lip glass was the real deal and quite a lot less than the retail price. The colour may be a little bit daring but when applied with a lip brush and paired with a lipstick it's rather lovely.

Essie Summer 2014 Collection
I love finding Essie polishes in TK Maxx as they seem a lot more affordable. When I found this set on the shelf I was quite eager to try the shades, though they are part of their Summer collection I doubt I'll be wearing them any time soon.

Zoella Beauty Soak Opera and Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar
These are two products I was eager to purchase when Zoe's range was announced. I love anything you can add to your bath and the scents are gorgeous. Out of all the products it was these two and the mist that I decided to purchase, though unfortunately for me the mist was out of stock!
Keep your eyes open for a post in regards to these products

What are your favourite beauty shops? Do you own any of these products?

Posted on: 21 October 2014

Real Techniques Limited Edition Nic's Picks Set

When I first read that Real Techniques would be releasing a limited edition set I was eager to find out more. Pictures followed and I fell head over heels and could not wait for October to arrive so I was able to get my hands on this wonderful selection of brushes. I wasn't too fond on the price of £30 when I spotted this on the shelf in Boots, but later when I ventured into Superdrug I spotted the set on offer at just £20, excellent!

 This set includes five brushes:
Duo-fiber face brush-  A lightweight facial brush excellent for powdered products.
Cheek brush- The perfect brush for blushers and can also be great for contouring.
Angled shadow brush- A larger shadow brush that applies shadows smoothly into the crease.
Base shadow brush- A simple brush that is excellent for blending all over the lid.
Eyeliner brush- An angled brush perfect for applying eyeliner precisely and close to the lash line.

The three brushes based for eye use are unique cuts which means they're exclusive to Real Techniques so if you are a fan of creating gorgeous eye looks then this set may be for you.

I cannot wait to try each of these brushes out, maybe you'll be seeing them in future favourite posts?

This set is currently on offer for £20 at Superdrug here.

What do you think of this set, worth the buy?

Posted on: 16 October 2014

Boot Loving

It's easy to say that Autumn is the best time to purchase a new pair of boots. The shops are filled with ankle boots, rubber boots, buckled boots, you name it - you'll find it. I've decided to short list a few of my favourite pairs from both high street and high end stores. 

Torella Ankle Boots
Find them here from Aldo.
These are the perfect winter boots. They have a thick rubber sole to help grip to slippery surfaces, cushioning around the ankle and soft interior to make them extra comfy. I think it's fair to say that these are a fashionable version of Timberlands- still durable and practical but the colour and style makes them more fashionable and easy to wear.

Black Ankle Buckle Boots
Find them here from H&M.
I have been in love with these boots since I first saw them in store. I've frequently picked them up and tried them on but Chelsea boots just don't suit me. These are very light and easy to wear, not practical for bad weather as your feet will get wet but they work well with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. 

Red Light Ankle Books
Find them here from ASOS.
Similar to the above H&M boots, these are classic Chelsea boots with a fastening buckle design. The tanned imitation leather style can bring a look together, especially if worn with denim. 

Black Block Heel Angle Boots
Find them here from River Island.
These are another pair of boots that have caught my eye in person. They are extremely simple with a block heel and soft thick in lining, they just look so comfy yet practical. River Island shoes are usually high quality so I expect these would last a long time even through tough winter months. If you're looking for a pair of simple yet practical boots I think these are the winners.

Ankle Bootie
Find them here from Levi's.
I visited Levi's site as I knew they'd do simple boots that were high quality and looked lovely. I chose these brown ankle boots as they look so classic with the seams giving a little edge. I can imagine these would last forever (or at least quite a few years) so they are worth the money.

Bianca Boots
Find them here from Kurt Geiger.
Lastly is a gorgeous pair of KG boots. Though I prefer the black pair of these I'd thought I'd show the taupe pair because black can be a little boring. These have quite a high feel for casual boots but that's what makes them so stylish. For those of you who want to wear boots in the winter but aren't a fan of flats, Kurt Geiger is the place to go to. 

Are you a fan of boots in the colder months? 
Where are your favourite boots from?

Posted on: 10 October 2014

The Glamour Beauty Power List

The Latest In Beauty Glamour Edit subscription boxes are pretty brilliant, I've previously purchased two and I could not resist purchasing their power list.  This wonderful selection of seven high street and high end goodies that in total have value of £83.47, yet the box is a one off purchase of just £15.99! It may be my favourite beauty box yet. Find out what products are included:

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (Travel Size) including one muslin cloth.
Find this product here.

Eyeko Eye Makeup Remover Wipes (10 wipes) 
Find this product here.

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence (60ml) 
Find this product here.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Travel Size) 
Find this product here.

James Read Sleep Mask Tan (25ml)
Find the full size product here.

 Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara
Find this product here

Maybelline Stripped Nude Lipstick (Coffee Craze)
Find this product here.

Take a look for yourself:

It's safe to say I shall be reviewing many of these products in time to come, I cannot wait to test the Liz Earle cleanser and Laura Mercier primer, let me know if you use/have tried either! 

Previous Glamour Beauty Edit post can be found here.


Posted on: 07 October 2014

Blog Design- Don't Get Ripped Off.

Every blogger wants to own a site that looks great, meaning it's easy to get tricked into paying a lot of money for designs that aren't worth a penny. I got deep into thought about this subject when I found a fellow blogger had paid £40 for an extremely basic design, when you can pay just £30 for something ten times better. It's especially shocking when I know I paid under £6 for my design! I may have tweaked parts of the design on my own, but without the template it would look completely different!

I don't want to see any bloggers being ripped off which is why I've listed a few tips below to help you get a well designed blog that won't break the bank.

Research properly.
Don't just use Google and give up, browse social network hash tags, ask other bloggers and look at other bloggers designs. I've found Etsy to be the best place for every bit of blog design possible, from templates to social icons and they're all completely different and range in price.

Talk to designers.
If you find something you're interested in but have some questions, get in touch with the designer. It's really easy to send a tweet or an email. Don't be worried that you're annoying them, they'll be happy to know someone's interested in their work!

Don't hurry purchases.
Once you find a piece of design you love it's easy to click the purchase button and have it done with, but it's also easy to then find an even better design for half the price two seconds later. When you find something you like, save it and keep browsing for a while. You can then compare what you have found and choose what you like best.

Try it yourself.
I'm not suggesting you try and learn how to create your own template, but it's a good idea to try and learn the basic HTML or at least be aware of how to change certain aspects, such as centering titles or adding social icons. Reading other bloggers guides and using Google can help you gain knowledge on changing bits of your blog on your own, which makes relying on a great design less needed. 
This also goes for editing images, creating headers, signatures etc. You don't need to own Photoshop to create amazing artwork, there are plenty of free editing sites you can become creative with!

I really hope this has helped some of you looking to change your blog design, whether you want a complete template change or just signature. Research, discuss and learn.

Have you got any tips for finding designers that don't rip you off?


Posted on: 02 October 2014

Vanity Area Inspiration

I find myself browsing through Pinterest decor inspiration in absolute awe, mainly due to the desperation yet inability to move out. I can only dream of decorating an entire property yet in reality I only have my small bedroom to play around with.

One key area in my bedroom I have become obsessed with is my vanity area. You may have seen what it currently looks like on this post, as much as I love it, it isn't perfect as I have to think practicality rather pretty. 

I love white and neutral tones so it always looks clean and modern. Big circular mirrors are a must for my idea vanity area as they frame the whole area in comparison to the use of rectangular dressers, the shapes tend to work well against each other. I also despise clutter, the use of vanity trays with organised items such as perfumes and jewellery can give it a nice touch without the table being crowded. Oh, and let's not forget to have a vase of flowers too.

What would your dream vanity area look like? 
Do you like these type of home inspiration posts?

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