29 July 2015

July Snaps

It is safe to say July has been a strong month for my Instagram, I've been aiming to post daily and sometimes I even managed to post several times a day. I've been following lots of bloggers and I've been trying to comment and like fellow blogger photos instead of focusing on my own account. I love scrolling through hashtags and finding like minded people and gaining inspiration. I have to admit I need to up my game and get my Instagram themed!

In regards to my non-Instagram life July is one of my favourite months as it's summer and there's lots of occasions to celebrate. I had my 20th birthday which was eventful nonetheless due to me heading to town and going way over my limits that when it came to spending my actual birthday wrapped up in a blanket unable to keep anything down, brilliant. I'm sure if you follow me on Twitter you'll be pretty up to date with what actually happened that night!

Onto more positive going ons it was my boyfriend's Mum's 60th birthday and it was lovely to be part of the family and head out for breakfast by the beach in the morning and watch her open her cards and gifts. It was also mine and my boyfriend's official two year anniversary which we didn't get to celebrate though he picked me up from work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the car.

I hope July has been a lovely month for you x

25 July 2015

Guest Post: How To Wind Down

Jessii grew up in the lovely warm and culturally artistic country of Jamaica. She has a love for music of all types, fashion and dancing. She considers herself an outsider to the world because of her un-socialized take on life itself. She loves to describe herself as dramatically expressive and loves a good laugh.

Yes, stress can be harmful to your health, so after a long and stressful day or week everyone needs to unwind. There are different ways of relaxing, it really depends on you. Whether you like doing math questions or listening to waterfall sounds, do what you think will make you ''de-stress''. I am going to share some of my ways that I loosen up and float on the clouds. 

Leave work at work
It may sound easy but trust me it isn't that easy, especially when you are working to nail that promotion or impress the new boss. If you are like me, someone who tends on bring work home, just get it over with because if you don't it's likely you might be thinking about it while "relaxing". However make sure you put it aside at least half an hour before your bedtime.


Have a bubble bath
Nothing says relaxation than lying in a tub of scented warm water that gently rocks you back and front. It is so soothing, forget reading your book and just drift away into a haze. 

For me the perfect bubble involves witch hazel, bath salt, an exfoliant for my body, Lavender essential oil, rose petals, scented candles (recommend lavender scented or something that compliments it), bath bombs and a few drops of vitamin E oil. Maybe some soft music in the background or a funny video playing.


Pamper yourself
Take the time out and treat yourself. Book a spa day for a nice soothing massage, go see a movie, eat at your favorite restaurant, check in your salon, do something to make you feel and look better.

Listen to something calm and soothing
For me personally, I love Asian traditional music and thunderstorm sounds. Play that and I'm sure to pass out. Find a sound that makes your limbs feel loose and relaxed and the feeling of your eyelids getting heavier by the seconds. 

One thing I know for sure is that exercise releases stress and yoga relaxes you. Doing yoga slows down the world for you and you are able to focus on just you. Even a run around your local park helps. Just get active. 


Believe it or not food has a way of making us feel great. So snacking while reading your favorite book or having a bubble or simply watch TV is fine. However keep it healthy! No need to make yourself feel guilty after eating all that calories, fresh fruits and veggies are a great choose, but if you fancy a treat (and you're allowed) we all know a glass of wine is a great way of winding town.

After all of that make sure that you get a good night’s sleep (between 5 to 8 hours) and try not to worry about what you can't control in life. 

Leave your tips on how you like to wind down in the comments x


22 July 2015

A Brief Lesson On Hashtags

Whether we're posting a picture on Instagram or sending out a tweet, using hashtags is a key way to promote our content and social media to like minded people, which is why it's important to use the hashtags in the right way. It is very easy to get caught up in the million phrases and words you can put in front of the trusty #, especially when you're new to blogging or/and social media.

Hashtag Lessons

You don't want to put too many hashtags because they need to stay relevant and a lot of people can be put off thinking you're spamming and trying to hard to gain followers.

If you're using hashtags on Instagram it's a good idea to hashtag in the comments rather than the post caption as it looks neater and if you get several comments the hashtags aren't seen straight away when people click your photo.

If you're using hashtags on Twitter you need to remember your character limit so you only want to include the relatable hashtags unlike Instagram where you can go a bit mad. This is where everyone uses the specific blogger hashtags to promote posts, though never use the hashtags used for blogger chat in your promotion tweets during when the chat is live as bloggers will go mad.


#lbloggers - Lifestyle Bloggers.
#bbloggers - Beauty Bloggers
#fbloggers - Fashion Bloggers
#pbloggers - Parent Bloggers
#bookbloggers - Book Bloggers
#cfbloggers - Cruelty Free Bloggers
#MOTD - Makeup Of The Day (Beauty)
#HOTD - Hair Of The Day (Beauty)
#NOTD - Nails Of The Day (Beauty/Fashion)
#OOTD - Outfit Of The Day (Fashion)
#WIWT - What I Wore Today (Fashion)
#FWIS - From Where I Stand  (Fashion)


#POTD - Pic Of The Day
#TBT - Throw Back Thursday
#FBF - Flash Back Friday
#WCW - Woman Crush Wednesday
#MCM - Man Crush Wednesday
#L4L - Like For Like
#F4F - Follow For Follow

I could go on forever on the possibilities, but realistically it depends on what social platform you're using and what you're actually posting. If you want to get fancy there's tools and sites that can analyze hashtags for you to help you learn what ones are best to use, but I personally don't see the need for it. I really hope this post has guided you a little whether you use social media everyday or you didn't even know what a hashtag was!

Let me know if you like this sort of post and if there's anything you'd like me to give tips of in the future x

20 July 2015

Colouring For Adults

Recently adult colouring has become a huge trend, it's meant to relax the mind and bring out your creativity. I want to point out that I'm really not jumping on the bandwagon of this 'new' found thing, I've been doing this for years and I'm extremely happy that companies are catering to adults now so I no longer have to look through the children's section of WHSmith when I want something new to let my pencils and pens loose on.

I've always loved colouring and doodling, it's my reason for buying every Keri Smith book she released and purchasing the Pointless Books too, they all allow you to release your creativity and have a bit of fun without feeling like you're a ten year old who needs to colour in the lines. As so many new artistic books are being brought onto the market I thought I'd talk you through my favourites, both old and new.

Relax With Art Magazine
I spotted this in Sainsbury's amongst the magazines and for less than £3 I decided to pick it up. Whoever came up with the idea of creating a adult colouring magazine is probably loving life right now because it's brilliant.

Creative Scribbles
This is a book I've owned for years which shows considering it now only costs £1! This is the type of book that allows you get creative in relation to what they write on each page.

The Usborne Book of Drawing, Doodling and Colouring
I remember looking at the children's books for my brother and spotting this in the colouring section, I flicked through the pages and knew I wanted it. I can't remember if I bought it myself or if I asked my mum for it for a birthday, but I'm pretty certain it was my first creative colouring book. It's funny that I've owned it for so long yet it's still no where no finished!

Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom
This is probably one you've seen or heard of before, Millie's colouring books are probably some of the most popular since adult colouring became such a big thing. I love how her books are themed and they're so feminine and pretty, making each page a pleasure to colour.

Johanna Basford - Enchanted Forest
You've probably heard of Secret Garden, I'm guessing the most popular adult colouring book that I don't actually like the look of. Enchanted Forest is by the same artist yet is much more my cup of tea, I can see this is still great for children as it has a story of finding the symbols to unlock the castle, but the intricate details on each page means you have to take a lot of time to colour in.

Tiger Colouring Book
When I was in Tiger a while ago I picked up this £3 colouring book as I love colouring in patterns and for that price you can't really go wrong. It's really small, lightweight and basic so you can't go wrong. When I went in Tiger recently they have loads of designs and they also do these books in a smaller form so you can carry them around!

What do you think about adult colouring? x

18 July 2015

Food Review: Dean's Diner

Dean's Diner is a small chain of restaurants in England that are completely based on American diners. I absolutely love eating at American diners in the UK as I love the food and let's be honest, it is the closest I shall be getting to America anytime soon. 

When I was vlogging for this YouTube video me and my boyfriend headed to Whiteley Village which is where we decided to eat in Dean's Diner and I wasn't actually planning to blog about it, but thought I might as well take the opportunity to as I had my camera with me. 

It's always quite difficult eating out as I'm such a fussy eater, but we'd been here before so we assumed it was a safe bet, that was until I realised they'd changed the menu and they didn't have any chicken available so the outcome was either a bowl of chips or an all day breakfast, I'm sure you can guess I chose the latter! I hadn't eaten all day as I'd been distracted by filming anyway so technically it was my breakfast. My boyfriend decided to have a burger which no surprise was stacked high with different fillings and he also chose a side of sweet potato fries, it made mine look a little boring.

It's safe to say my breakfast was huge and included everything you could ask for, I moved the parts I disliked to the side and got on eating the hashbrown that was as big as my hand and probably the best fried eggs ever. Even if I liked everything on the plate, I was so full after a few things there was no way I could have been able to eat it all.

I love the decor in these type of diners as it's very bold and bright, I think this is what encouraged me to take the photos and it's a very photogenic setting.  The whole Whiteley Village outlet is structured with glass buildings so being able to sit down and see the bright blue sky and of course be nosey at passers by is always a bonus.

It was also very quiet as it was the late afternoon which made it a lot nicer, we were able to choose our own seating and the place was pretty silent, though it did make me feel awkward getting my camera out as the staff were always round the corner.

Have you ever been to Dean's Diner? Or is there an American diner you'd recommend? x


16 July 2015

Review: St Tropez Gradual Shower Tan

St Tropez Gradual Shower Tan is one of the most spoke about products in the beauty market at the moment, it's new, it's different and it's a brilliant idea. I jumped on the bandwagon when I first saw it being spoke about on by one of my favourites ViviannaDoesMakeUp on YouTube. I fell in love with the idea of a self tanner that you can apply like a shower gel, that's gradual and won't streak so when I visited a Boots store I picked it up when it was on offer.

I'm going to warn you now, this review is a little bit longer than you may anticipate due to me being an absolute bell.

St Tropez Gradual Shower Tan-St Tropez Gradual Shower Tan Review

I have to admit that I never use self tan (there's a reason I'm always white), the only time I've used a tanning product was back in school.. Garnier face wipes were meant to be easy to use and give you a golden tan, but no it just looked like I had dipped my face into the middle of a jaffa cake, no exaggeration. Let's just say baby wipes and foundation were my best friend back then. Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent here, let's get back to business.

I read and watched a lot of reviews about this tanning product before I even went near using it and everyone said how it builds up during the day, there can be a slight biscuity smell and standing in the shower butt naked for three minutes can seem like hell, but overall it was positive.

St Tropez Gradual Shower Tan-St Tropez Gradual Shower Tan Review

Off I went into the shower, I only wanted to tan my legs as a sort of tester. I showered like usual, I then applied the product in circular motions to my legs, set my phone timer and washed my hands. Whilst I was waiting I decided to towel dry my hair and put it up and tidy up a little bit. Three minutes were up, so the shower went back on and I started to wash it off which seemed very strange, I actually found out I had to work hard to make sure I got it all off thoroughly, but i got there in the end.

Fast forward quite a few hours..
I was in a restaurant with my boyfriend when he goes "what the fuck is with your elbow" I looked at my arm and I knew straight away. There were huge random orange patches on both arms so when we got back home I had to sit there with a baby wipe scrubbing away. The next day I checked the rest of my body and it turns out I accidentally streaked product up my side, I also had a patch on my right boob, small spots on my hand and a small patch on my collar bone. I worked out that my arms would of got the product on when doing my legs without me realising and I must of transferred it from my arms to other parts of my body, and obviously it didn't get washed off so it developed for a lot longer than three minutes which caused it to go so dark.

I decided I needed to tan my entire body, the patches and streaks were causing too much effort to get rid of and I thought it would make sense to give it a full test. I got my boyfriend to do my back and I made sure every single inch of me was covered and my hands were washed thoroughly. The three minutes went quite quickly and it was time to wash it off, it lathered so much I thought I was going to be there all day but I got there in the end.

From a personal aspect I haven't noticed much difference, I still have a bit of tan from my holiday anyway so I wasn't too white in the first place. My Mum however knew I'd used the tanning product again which shows it makes a difference. I definitely want to use this to build up a nice colour, it's the perfect product for someone who hasn't used fake tan before and it's also perfect to top up on the holiday tan. If you are looking for a product that will give you that 'have you been on holiday?' look then this definitely isn't for you unless you're willing to use it consistently, but I don't think it's worth it.

Have you tried the St Tropez Gradual Shower Tan? x

14 July 2015

Turning Twenty

On Sunday I turned twenty and although this isn't exactly a milestone, it is a big step into adulthood as the teenage years are officially gone. It's crazy to think I've officially lived two decades yet it feels like my life has only just begun. I couldn't resist writing a blog post in regards to this birthday to sort of summarise these past twenty years and also see what I want for my future.

When I look back at my life so far, I have definitely had some experiences, both good and bad. In my early teens I was always self conscious and nervous, but looking back I was clearly doing well with a great group of friends and a new boyfriend every ten minutes. It's funny how I remember living in jeggings, a coloured vest and a cardigan! I always tried to act older than I was and there's a lot of regret that comes with that and if I could go back in time and change things I really would.

I should have spent less time on my computer and listened to my Mum more. I wish I had stood up for myself more and been more confident around others instead of worrying all the time. I always miss my old friends I thought I'd stick to like glue until I was old, it's such a shame how it played out.

I aim to be driving with a good career by my next birthday, hopefully I'll be saving to purchase a place of my own too as I'm eager to build a life for myself. Although I only turned twenty a few days ago I'm sure it's making a new me, focusing on the future.

Are you 20, or have you turned 20 recently? x
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